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Remembering Justice Hosbet Suresh: Eminent Judges, lawyers, activists, family come together An obituary of Justice Suresh, Co-organised by CJP

17, Jun 2020 | CJP Team

Celebrating the life and contribution of Justice Hosbet Suresh (20 July 1929 – 11 June 2020), this Zoom meeting was Co-organised by Centre for Study of Society and Secularism, Citizens for Justice and Peace, Human Rights Law Network, Lawyers Collective, Majlis, People’s Watch, People’s Union for Civil Liberties & many more. From retired Supreme court and high court judges and lawyers to eminent human rights activists and student leader, everyone shared fond memories of Justice Suresh and his relentless pursuit for people’s movements.

Hosted By: Teesta Setalvad

Speakers: Justice PB Sawant, Dr. Anand Grover, Mr. Yusuf Muchala, Justice AP Shah, Ms. Irom Sharmila, Ms. Indira Jaising, Ms. Medha Patkar, Ms. Jesurathinam, Mr. Colin Gonsalves, Dr. V. Vasanthi Devi, Mr. Suhel Tirmizi, Ms. Radhika Sood Nayak, Mr. Irfan Engineer, Ms. Flavia Agnes, Justice S. Radhakrishnan, Mr. Henri Tipaghne, Mr. Sanjay Parikh, Mr. Mihir Desai, Ms. Lara Jesani, Ms. Sanjeevani Jain, Mr. Fahad Ahmad, Ms. Madhu Bhushan, Mr. Farooq Mapkar, Justice Kolse Patil and Family of Justice Suresh,



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