Rapists still not caught in Nirmal Nagar gang-rape case

06, Oct 2015

Tuesday, October 06, 2015
By Zuber Ansari
More than a month has passed since the gang rape of the 20-year old girl in Nalasopara, but the Nirmal Nagar police who are investigating the case are yet to get hold of the trio accused of gang rape. Shockingly, these three individuals are not only wanted in this particular case but they also have a strong criminal background in the Waliv police station in Nalasopara.
After the month long investigation, the Nirmal Nagar Police arrested two auto rickshaw drivers who took the victim to Nalasopara and have booked them for kidnapping the victim, but the trio who raped her are still absconding. Senior Police Inspector Sudhir Jambhavdekar stated, “We have arrested the two auto rickshaw drivers who allegedly kidnapped the victim and took her to Nalasopara, they are in our custody and have admitted to their deeds. Also we are trying our best to get hold of the trio who committed this heinous crime and have currently gone into hiding.”
“This case is one of its kind and will become crystal clear once we get the medical examination report of the victim and arrest the trio who are accused of rape and accordingly a chargesheet will be filed. Also it won’t be surprising if this case takes a whole new different turn,” Jambhavdekar added.


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