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Police: Arrests in Jamia violence, Delhi riot based on forensic proof The Pioneer

21, Apr 2020 | Staff Reporter

The Delhi Police on Monday said all the arrests made in connection with cases of Jamia Millia and Northeast riot are based on the analysis of scientific and forensic evidence.

According to police, while investigating Jamia and Northeast riot cases, Delhi Police has performed its job sincerely and impartially. “All the arrests made have been based on analysis of scientific and forensic evidence, including video footages, technical and other footprints,” said police.

“Delhi Police is committed to upholding the rule of law and bringing the conspirators, abettors and culprits of Northeast riots to books and secure justice to the innocent victims.It will not be deterred by the false propganda and rumours floated by some vested elements who try to twist facts to their convenience. We continue to work tirelessly and relentlessly  towards our motto,” said police.

Earlier, on April 13, following the arrest of two Jamia students in connection with the Delhi riots, a civil rights group accused the police of abusing the COVID-19 lockdown to silence those who oppose Government policies.

In a statement released by ‘Hum Bharat Ke Log’, which has been signed by 26 civil rights activists, the group termed the arrests by Delhi Police “arbitrary”.

Meeran Haider of Chhatra Rashtriya Janata Dal was arrested on April 2 while Safoora Zargar of the Jamia Coordination Committee was held on April 11.

“This is a time when the nation needs to be focused on the health and hunger crisis across our land; when our priorities need to be to stay united to fight this virus,” the group said in the statement.

Other activists like Gul Inquilabi, many Muslim youth from northeast Delhi and students of Jamia are being called for questioning by the Special Cell every day amid this lockdown”, the statement said.

“There is now an attempt to implicate them in false cases related to the Delhi violence… Now, weaving fictitious narratives about the Delhi violence, Delhi Police is abusing the COVID-19 lockdown to silence and arrest those who oppose Government policies, hoping that this abuse of state power will go unreported, with neither news coverage nor democratic protest,” the statement said.

Jailing activists and students in false cases amid the pandemic puts their lives in peril and with courts functioning only partially owing to the lockdown, those arrested are being denied proper legal aid, it said.

Calling the arrests “attempts to unleash fear within the large young democratic opposition that had emerged across the country against CAA/NRC/NPR”, the statement demanded the “immediate and unconditional release” of the activists.

The signatories include Yogendra Yadav, Anjali Bhardawaj, Annie Raja, Teesta Setalvad, Kavita Krishnan, Medha Patkar and Umar Khalid.

The communal clashes in Northeast Delhi claimed lives of 53 people and injured over 200 people.

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