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Obsolete, fake information rampant amidst Covid-19 second surge Some examples of incorrect posts circulating on social media and messaging services

27, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

After paying little heed to development of health care infrastructure and scientific research to manage SARS-CoV-2, thus leading to a deadlier second wave, the continued callous attitude of those in power made the netizens take matters in their own hands. They took social media by storm by sharing Covid-19 related resources. However, misusing the trying times, wrong, obsolete and old information is being circulated, some of which is brought to light by Team CJP. Here are a few examples.

There were reports of this list being made in 2018 on calling few recipients confirmed that their numbers have been wrongly added whereas others could not be reached.

The above information has been circulated on social media however, there were reports of the seller being an alleged fraudster from Jammu. On calling, Team CJP found the number to be switched off.

The message has been doing rounds on Whatsapp. On contacting them, Team CJP found the number to be switched off.

These contacts of doctors are being shared for free consultation however, Team CJP on contacting them found the numbers to be switched off or the call being disconnected.

The following images have been doing the rounds thus indicating increase in the production of fake life-saving drugs in the times of crises.


Notification regulating prices for Covid treatment in private charitable medical facilities



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