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More to Rohith Vemula’s suicide note

25, Jan 2016

Suresh Krishnamoorthy
HYDERABAD, January 25, 2016
If the suicide note was considered important, portions of the scratched-out content appear to be of more importance now.
Rohith Vemula, who took the extreme step, probably got disillusioned, if one were to go by the words he had scratched out.
“The Ambedkar Students Association, the Students Federation of India, anything and everything exist for their own sake. Seldom the interest of a person and an organisation matches. To get power, to become famous or to be important in between boundaries and to think we are up to changing the system, very often we overestimate the acts and find solace in traits. Of course I must give credit to both these groups for making, introducing me to wonderful literature and people.”
These were the words written by Rohith in his suicide note but later scratched out, ostensibly by himself.
When the scratched-out portions made headlines, the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of agitating students, primarily belonging to the Ambedkar Students Association (ASA) went into a huddle, discussing the pros and cons of the expression of a late scholar about the goings-on in student organisations.


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