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When Love is an Act of Defiance A Timeline of Love Jihad cases From Silja to Hadiya to Afrazul

27, Dec 2017 | CJP Team

It all began when a man fell in love with a woman and they decided to get married. Ordinarily that would make for a Badjatiya approved sanskaari romance, but because it was an interfaith marriage, specifically one between a Hindu woman and a Muslim man, things got violent, ugly and bitter quickly.

This is the story of several interfaith couples in India who have of late been accused of either initiating or falling prey to ‘love jihad’, a concept so convoluted, it could only have been born as the result of a macabre mating ritual between patriarchy and bigotry. Thankfully, unlike Romeo and Juliet, most couples have avoided meeting their maker so far. However, in case of one luckless migrant labourer in Rajasthan, death was brutal, bloody and fiery. Here is a timeline of ‘love jihad’ cases in India.



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