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Limbs Chopped For Loving Caste Hindu Girl

04, Jul 2015

Published: 04th July 2015 06:27 AM
Last Updated: 04th July 2015 06:27 AM
VILLUPURAM: In yet another incident that revealed the ugly head of casteism, the right arm and the right leg of a Dalit youth of Villupuram were severed after an affair with a Caste Hindu girl.
The incident came to light after the youth lodged a police complaint with the help of Express after about four months.
The victim’s mother Athima (45), a widow who has a daughter and three sons, told Express that in 2013, the second son G Senthil (28), a private mini-bus driver, fell in love with the Caste Hindu girl Malliga studying 10th standard, who travelled everyday on his bus to school and she accepted his proposal. The two carried on with their affair for two years.
In March, 2015, Malliga’s maternal uncle came to know of it and warned her. Also, he informed her parents, who also forced her to break up with Senthil.
When he asked about the sudden change in her behaviour, Malliga told him that she would never go against her parents’ will, saying that she and Senthil belong to different castes.


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