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It’s a riot a day in Uttar Pradesh

29, Jul 2014

In Rampur, trivial bike accident leads to communal flare-up; 3 killed, 12 injured
With Western Uttar Pradesh already in the grip of communal frenzy, a petty dispute in Rampur triggered a major clash between members of two communities. Three persons were killed, while a dozen others were injured in indiscriminate firing and explosion of crude bombs. Local police managed to control the situation, but the atmosphere is still tense. Heavy police force has been deployed in the area so that the festivity of Eid is not disturbed on Tuesday.
Reports said that trouble started when one Guddu, hailing from Mehndipur area of Azeemnagar in Rampur, was accidently hit by the bike of Saddam, a resident of the same area. This led to a heated argument between the two. But in communally surcharged atmosphere, this was enough to flare up emotions.


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