Inside Aarey: Where the Adivasis are fighting another battle CJP Stands with Aarey and the Adivasis

20, Sep 2019 | CJP Team

Removed from the concrete jungle and what’s seen of Aarey from a surface level, the Adivasis have been living contentedly on their lands for generations, worshiping and celebrating mother nature. There are 27 Adivasi Hamlets in the Aarey Forest. As the Government of Maharashtra refuses to acknowledge Aarey as a forest and the ‘Save Aarey’ movement is gaining strength with every passing day, an older and longer battle is being fought by the Adivasis to retain their land.

CJP stands in solidarity with the Adivasis and the activists in these battles.


How Adivasis in Aarey are at risk of losing their land and livelihood

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In Pictures: A Walk Through Aarey

The Mystery of the Aarey Fire and the Need for a Citizens’ Inquiry

Banjar Zameen: A Prayer to Save Aarey

Aarey Adivasi’s Roar at Public Hearing



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