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Gulberg Society: Jaffri phone records missing, admits SIT

09, Sep 2009


The Indian Express
September 9, 2009

Gulberg Society: Jaffri phone records missing, admits SIT



Special Investigation Team (SIT) on Monday admitted in the special
fast track court hearing the Gulberg Society case that the telephone
records of slain MP Ehsan Jaffri are either missing or have been

Jafri was killed in the postGodhra
massacre of February 28, 2002, in which 69 persons were killed.

Judge B U Joshi ordered further investigations in the case under
Section 173 (8) oftheCrPCafterSMVora,the counsel for the witnesses and
Citizens for Justice and Peace, filed a detailed application

Vora said SIT had failed to complete
investigations after the statement of Tehelka journalist Ashish
Khaitan, a witness in the case, was recorded.
It, Vora added, had also failed to investigate station diary entries,
fire brigade register and did not produce Jaffri’s phone diaries. He
said questions still abound as to who destroyed his phone records and
when were they destroyed.

Vora, in his application, also detailed
the slipshod manner of recording the panchnamas in the case wherein
the roles of several policemen needed to be investigated.




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