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Help Mumbai’s urban poor and underprivileged communities tide over the CoVid-19 crisis CJP joins hands with CPD and HALWA to provide groceries to low-income families

30, Mar 2020 | CJP Team

Amidst a nationwide lockdown to check the spread of the Corona Virus, low income families have been left with no means of sustenance in the absence of an assured income. These are people who work low-wage jobs in the informal sector, daily wage earners and even the scores of homeless people. Now, CJP has joined hands with like-minded humanitarian organisations to provide relief by way of delivering essential supplies to such families. Here are our partners:

CENTER FOR PROMOTION OF DEMOCRACY strives for the creation of a democratic humane society based on values of democracy, equity, affirmative discrimination, justice and secularism. CPD aims to engage with the citizenry (with special focus on oppressed sections), civil society groups and different tiers of the government to promote the vision of effective and engaged everyday democracy. Developing a process of advocacy for democratisation of institutions of polity to facilitate participatory policy making, enriching democracy through capacity building for various groups and disseminating knowledge about importance and interlinkages between the constitution and democratic functioning.

HABITAT AND LIVELIHOOD WELFARE ASSOCIATION works to address issues of housing, livelihood and access to all city resources by all stakeholders of the city. It is committed towards its vision of inclusive development of the city. It takes up the tools of awareness, education, research, documentation and publication with children, women, adolescent girls and boys of marginalized and impoverished communities on issues of housing and livelihood. It works extensively in low income neighbourhoods and aims to empower the urban poor.

With the help of these partner organisations we are trying to help more than 2000 such families in Mumbai who are in urgent need of this support. We appeal to you to donate generously HERE to help alleviate their suffering. All Donations to CJP are 50% Tax Exempt under section 80G of IT Act, 1961.


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