He was a tower of strength for the oppressed and the exploited Tribute to Justice Hosbet Suresh by Lok Raj Sangathan

20, Jul 2020 | Sanjeewani Jain

I was indeed very happy to know that the CJP is going to inaugurate the Justice Hosbet Suresh Archive. This is indeed very important to all of us who are fighting for dignified lives for our people, not only in our country but also abroad.

As countless people all over our country have experienced, he was a tower of strength to those who are oppressed and exploited and a tireless fighter for human rights and empowerment of our people.

There is not one instance of state organised communal violence or state terror that he failed to respond to. In every case he responded with unequivocal and fearless condemnation. The investigations and reports on the communal violence in Mumbai in the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition, the report of the fact-finding team which went to Gujarat to investigate the 2002 genocide, the report on the violence in Karnataka following the Cauvery Waters Dispute, those on drowning of Dalits by the Tamil Nadu Police and the shooting of tribals in MP, to name a few, are important to this day for their forthright exposure of the system and the state.

He was an upholder of the Right to Life, which he insisted, was the Right to a Life of Dignity with access to everything that is necessary in this day and age, like sanitation, education, health services, electricity, etc. apart from food, clothing and shelter. This was a creative and vital interpretation of the Right to Life as defined in the Indian Constitution.

The key issues that Lok Raj Sangathan has been fighting for – constitutional guarantees for human rights, putting an end to state-organised communal violence and terror, and political and electoral reforms to bring people to the centre-stage of decision-making – were issues closest to his heart. We were indeed fortunate to have him with us from 1993 onwards, when we worked as the Committee for People’s Empowerment, which was later organised as the Lok Raj Sangathan. Along with other eminent personalities he played an immense and unforgettable role in the building of the Lok Raj Sangathan as the instrument of the empowerment of the Indian people, the instrument for the realisation of their human and democratic rights. Lok Raj Sangathan is honoured to have had him as one of its leaders and mentors.

A collection of his books, reports and speeches, is indeed a treasure for the justice and peace-loving people of our country, for those who are fighting for human rights and the empowerment of our people.

I would like to extend best wishes to the Citizens for Justice and Peace on behalf of the Lok Raj Sangathan for the valuable work that you are doing.


Sanjeewani Jain


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