He was a compassionate and courageous people’s judge A tribute to Justice Hosbet Suresh by The CIEDS Collective

20, Jul 2020 | The CIEDS Collective

We are delighted that CJP has taken the initiative to start an archive bringing together the vast body of work left behind by Justice Hosbet Suresh. He was a compassionate and courageous people’s judge who presided over people’s tribunals held across the length and breadth of the country over the past three decades.

In the context of increasing state violence and impunity, the relevance of his attempt to relentlessly put into place an all-encompassing jurisprudence related to state accountability and reparation, cannot be underestimated. And it is to the credit of CJP that they have undertaken this critical initiative that will undoubtedly inspire younger generations of lawyers and activists to broaden and deepen their own thinking and work in a field that he along with other senior members of the Jury like Justice Krishna Iyer have pioneered.

Our gratitude and salaams to CJP for continuing to cherish his work and build upon it in enriching and inclusive ways.

The CIEDS Collective (Justice Suresh was a member of our registered society for several years and took over as the President after the passing away of Justice Krishna Iyer in 2014)


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