Guidelines for special arrangements for persons with disabilities and senior citizens at Vaccination Centres Issued by COVID-19 (nCorona) Virus Outbreak Control and Prevention State Cell, Health and Family Department, Government of Kerala on April 24

24, Apr 2021 | CJP Team

The Government of Kerala, has made special provisions for ensuring that the elderly and the disabled receive vaccination in a dignified manner and do not have to wait for long periods. It has directed all the districts to make special arrangements to that effect, further requiring the District Vaccination Officer to submit compliance reports.

Amidst a pandemic that disproportionately targets the physically vulnerable, making provisions to ensure that the elderly and people with disabilities are enabled to get vaccinated in an environment where they are treated with dignity, is a positive step. 

However, since the special provisions have not been spelled out and appear to have been left to the discretion of district authorities and the vaccination centers, it is not known exactly what is expected of them. For example:

  • Are all vaccination centres mandatorily expected to ensure there are ramps and elevators available for persons with disability and senior citizens?
  • Are all facilities required to ensure there are disabled-friendly toilets on their premises?
  • As many persons with disabilities are likely to arrive with an attendant or family members, what kind of provisions need to be made for that?
  • In case a person with disability arrives without an attendant, but requires assistance, what kind of facilities are being made for that?



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