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Govts to Check Dropout of Girls, Dalits in Schools

08, Sep 2015

Sep 08 2015 : The Economic Times (Mumbai)
Guided by Sangh fountainhead RSS, BJP-ruled states are set to borrow ideas from each other on how to spread their ideology and deal with challenges in the field of education and culture, including reducing the dropout rate of girls, Dalits and adivasis; creating greater gender sensitivity through textbooks; promoting learning in the local language; and making the examination process more foolproof and transparent.
The Good Governance Department of the BJP held a two-day workshop for the education and culture ministers of nine states where the party is in power.These ministers made detailed presentations about the innovative schemes and programmes -most of them focused on dealing with the challenges specific to their states. The aim of the exercise was to discuss the initiatives undertaken to improve the education system and fulfill the expectations of the people as well as the party.


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