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Why does CJP need my support?

CJP’s friends are the lifeline of our work. We are a not for profit organisation registered under The Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 (Registration number F-25826) and most of our support comes from altruistic individuals and normal citizens, not big foundations and CSR efforts. Therefore, we rely on the generosity of people like you, those who want to join our community of human rights defenders, to stay afloat and further our work in and out of the courts. Become a Friend

How does a recurring donation help CJP?

Ongoing and predictable contributions from our wonderful supporters, mean that we can think long term. We can focus on defending human rights in the courts and beyond, by having the ability to plan our initiatives that generate systemic and institutional change, without worrying if enough funds will come in to see it through. Therefore, a recurring support plan by our friends is the best way for us to do this.

Will a donation of a sum as low as Rs 100 a month help CJP?

Yes! Every small bit counts.

For example, if you decided to become a friend of CJP and contribute Rs. 100 a month, within 1 month we’d be able to file 10 complaints with the National and/or State Human Rights Commissions. Over the year, because of you, 120 instances of human rights violations would no longer go unnoticed by those in power – that’s a huge difference you’ve made.

Is my information safe?

CJP is SSL certified, meaning that when you become a friend and commence your recurring donations, your information is 100% safe. Your bank/card details are not stored on our servers, and our payment gateway, Ketto, is completely secure and certified as such. For more information on how Ketto keeps your information safe, please visit

Can I make an offline donation?

Yes. With utmost gratitude, we accept cheques at the following address:

Nirant, Juhu tara Road, Juhu,
Santacruz (West)
Mumbai – 400049

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