Frail yet fearless: Remembering Gauri Lankesh CJP presents a collection of poems by Kavitha Lankesh

05, Sep 2020 | CJP Team

On the third death anniversary of slain journalist Gauri Lankesh, CJP remembers her indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment to secular and democratic values. To honour her memory, we bring to you a collection of poems written by Gauri’s sister and filmmaker Kavitha Lankesh.

Recalling the events of that Fateful night, CJP secretart Teesta Setalvad says, “I received that numbing call from my advocate friend, Aparna Bhat, who, while watching a Kannada news channel, saw the ghastly news flash. That dear Gauri had been shot dead, boom boom, boom. Gone. My frail yet steely fearless friend and sister, older by 12 days but who treated me as a young (upstart) always!”
Gauri Lankesh holds a very special place in our hearts. CJP’s commitment to human rightsbased journalism is our tribute to one of India’s bravest women. To support CJP’s quest to deliver hard-hitting stories about people’s struggles and resilience in face of oppression and divisive politics, Donate Now.
But the loss of one dear friend strengthened the bond between two other kindred spirits. “When I lost such a dear soul mate, I found another soul sister, brave, lonely, lovely Kavitha. To carry the personal burden of such a loss, the physical and emotional trauma of losing a sister; Kavitha holds her own with dignity, grace and courage that is rare and special.”
The following poems are being released to help all friends and supporters of Gauri Lankesh celebrate her life and cope with her loss:


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