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21, Jan 2010


January 21, 2010

‘Kodnani had fired from her

Witness of Naroda Patia
riots gives graphic account of BJP MLA’s activity

Roshan Kumar

A witness in the Naroda Patia massacre case has told the court that
Naroda’s BJP MLA Mayaben Kodnani not only incited the mob to target
the minority community but also fired from her revolver to frighten
the community during post-Godhra riots. Aminaben Abbas Bhai Balif,
also a survivor of the infamous massacre, was deposing in the court of
judge Jyotsnaben Yagnik on Wednesday.

Amina’s house was gutted and property worth lakhs were damaged at
Naroda Patia on February 28, 2002. Amina also charged the then Naroda
senior inspector, KK Mysorewallah, of not providing any help when she
called up the Naroda police station. “When I called the police
station, Mysorewallah told me ‘Today we have a holiday and you are to
die’,” Amina told the court.

Amina, who identified Kodnani and Bipin Autowallah who were present in
the court, charged them of inciting the mob and firing from their

Amina used to work as a security guard at a factory in Chiloda during
the riots. On February 28 when she was going to work, her son urged
her not to go as the VHP had given a bandh call. But she came out of
the house only to know that an armed mob had assembled near Natraj
Hotel and was shouting slogans against the minority community. Amina,
dressed in security guard uniforms, was standing near Natraj Hotel
when she noticed Kodnani incite the mob to target her community. “She
also asked them to damage Noorani Masjid,” Amina told the court.
Later, Kodnani fired from her gun targeting at the minority community
and left the spot.


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