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Demand for extra helping of ‘khichdi’ gets girl thrashed, father killed

19, Feb 2016

Feb 19, 2016 |
• Age Correspondent
• Gokhlapur (Araria)

Few months ago, her brother was pushed off the school’s terrace when he asked for an extra helping of food.
Though Bihar government has bestowed state-run primary and secondary schools with mid-day meal services, the scenario isn’t all that rosy – children for whom these facilities are made available still find it hard to avail them. Who would have imagined that a mere altercation over an extra helping of ‘khichdi’ in the course of a mid-day meal would have led to an someone’s death.
12-year-old Khasheed, a class five student at Rajkiya Prathmik Vidyalaya in Araria’s Gokhlapur, was allegedly hit for asking an extra helping of ‘khichdi’. Protesting the impudent behaviour, when the girl’s father Mohammad Shagir approached the school he got severely thrashed that eventually led to his death.
According to The Indian Express report, the father’s girl was ill-treated by the teachers and the cook of the school. Giving in to his anger, the cook kicked Shagir between his legs that left him unconscious.


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