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Dalit man murdered in Palamu

03, Jul 2015

Friday, 03 July 2015 | PNS | DALTONGANJ | in Ranchi
Police are investigating the murder case of a dalit Ramesh who was found dead with a sharp weapon at Bhusra village last night. The DSP Hira Lal Ravi has confirmed the murder of this dalit saying that he used to live with his in law’s family member and last night on July 1 around 11.30 Ramesh was murdered. Brutality marked the death as head and throat was hit the hardest way by the weapon, added the DSP.
About the murdered dalit the DSP Ravi said Ramesh had been to Daltonganj jail in 2005 -06 and had come out on bail just 12 months back only.The motive behind the murder is unknown, he said. The in law’s family members of the deceased had fled. Police are zeroing on his relatives to crack the case.


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