Dadri killing premeditated, says National Commission for Minorities

22, Oct 2015

Mehboob Jeelani
NEW DELHI, October 22, 2015
“A sacred place like a temple was used to exhort people of one community to attack a hapless family”.
Debunking the notion that the Dadri lynching was an “accident,” the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) says the assembly of a mob that killed Muhammad Akhlaq on September 28 was a “premediated” act of violence.
The NCM is a government-run body with a mandate to safeguard the constitutional rights of the religious minorities.
On October 10, its team visited Bishara village in Dadri district of western Uttar Pradesh to probe the killing.
The report dispels the claim that the assembly of the mob was “spontaneous.” According to the report: “The team feels that a crowd of large numbers appearing within minutes of the announcement from the temple’s loudspeaker and at a time when most villagers claimed they were asleep seems to point to some premeditated planning.”


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