Citizens for Justice and Peace

Letter condemning Mumbai Blasts

12, Jul 2006


July 12, 2006

Statement of Condemnation

Acts of Terror are acts of
cowardice. Terror of the kind unleashed by eight bomb blasts in MumbaiÂ’s
western railway line killing over 175 innocent victims need to be
condemned unequivocally. Citizens for Justice and Peace condemns
these acts and pledges itself to the campaign against violence of any
kind.  We pledge whatever support we can give to the families of the
victims and for the brave Mumbaikar who chipped in all night to save the
soul of the city.

Mumbai has already
responded and will continue to respond with strong condemnation and
resolve to fight the terror and empathy and compassion for the victims.

Terror, especially in the
name of faith, defiles faiths and creates deep divides among people. This
is the greatest challenge for us. Not to fall for the deep design of
the terrorists and maintain peace and harmony at all costs.
Do join
Â’s campaign for calm, harmony, solidarity and hope. Against


is against the politics of violence and terror. Action after yesterdayÂ’s
terror is vital and critical. Help to find unidentified bodies, empathy
for the victims, salutes to the courageous men and women who saved, yet
again, the soul of this great city.

Give and Share Generously.

Teesta Setalvad,
Secretary                                Vijay Tendulkar, President

IM Kadri,
Vice-President                                    Arvind Krishnaswamy,

Javed Akhtar                                                     Shabana

Javed Anand                                                     Cyrus

Alyque Padamsee                                             Anil

Titoo Ahluwalia                                                  Rahul
Bose                         Dolphy De Souza

Ghulam Peshimam



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