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22, Feb 2019 | Narsi Benwal

Mumbai: Communal hatred is spreading across the country, especially since last four years, lamented Justice (retired) Abhay Thipsay of the Bombay High Court, on Thursday. The former judge further appealed to citizens to come together and ensure there is peace in our nation. Justice Thipsay, who joined Congress party last year, was speaking at an event organised by activist Teesta Setalvad to condemn the recent attack on a convoy of CRPF personnel at Pulwama, Kashmir.

In his brief speech, Justice Thipsay said, “I am hurt by the incident and strongly condemn it. But I am disturbed to see how some persons are using the death of our martyrs to gain political benefits.” “Some people who wanted to create communal tensions have now got an opportunity and thus, we have to be cautious.

Especially, because elections are round the corner and some political leaders will take benefit of this incident,” Justice Thipsay told a jam-packed auditorium in South Mumbai. “The communal disharmony is being spread over the years but it is at its peak especially since last four years. And now, after this attack, the way these persons are reacting, it seems as if they were waiting for such an incident.

Let’s not elect forces which spread communalism,” Justice Thipsay appealed. Other renowned personalities who shared the dais with Thipsay were senior journalist NiKhIl Waghle, Justice (retd.) Hosbet Suresh, actor Javed Jaffari, activist Teesta and Zeenat Shaukatali amongst the others.

All these personalities strongly condemned the Pulawama attacks and also appealed citizens not to demand an instant war with Pakistan. “Instead of a war let’s resolve the Kashmir dispute as it has been over 70 years now and we have failed miserably to restore peace in the valley,” said Justice Suresh.

“The only thing happening in Kashmir over last few years is killing. Either they kill or we kill. If such killing goes on then how can Kashmiris be happy? Is there a solution to all this. I think killing each other is not the solution. Kashmir is an integral part of our country but there is a need to bring peace,” Justice Suresh said.

Speaking at the event, Waghle said India must exhaust all other options first and think of a war at the last. “War must be a last option because in war no one wins as both sides loose lives. This has been proved in 1971 war. Terrorism cannot be ended by terrorism,” Waghle said.

Citing excerpts from a speech of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee, Waghle said, “Kashmir issue can only be solved by Insaniyat (humanity), Kashmiriyat, Jamuriyat (democracy).” Actor Javed Jaffari while citing a shayari said we need justice and not revenge. “Justice for the lost souls and for their families.

There is a huge difference between revenge and justice,” Javed stressed. Concluding the event, activist Teesta appealed to citizens to get down to the streets now and fight this communal hatred.


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