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Peace Map and Helpline

Another unique endeavour that has attracted attention is the Peace Map - a seven stage conflict management product that aims to warn, predict and prevent violence across India. In 2015, NASSCOM awarded the Peace Map an award for Innovation and Technology. This is to be launched in a new and improved avatar in April 2018.

CJP's nationwide Peace Map and Conflict Prevention Programme as well as our Helpline to respond to attacks on rights and freedoms, will help you, a responsible citizen, to act immediately in order to prevent violence and further constitutional values.

Our objective is to create 5,000-10,000 Peace Workers on the ground, who will actively use the innovatively designed system to clock the various stages in the build-up of violence. This will be closely monitored by our team. Data reflection and collection will ensure a real time understanding of the patterns of evolving conflict.

Our Peace Map initiative will not be restricted to gathering information. Eventually, we want this to translate into Constitutional Interventions with the administration, police and neighbourhood committees.A prototype of our Peace Map may be viewed at This is a prototype that is being fine-tuned for launch soon.

Reviving and Expanding Mohalla Committees

We want to ensure that Mohalla Committees, that were conceptualised to ensure a citizen-police relationship, are formed in all districts and neighbourhoods. Mohalla Committees will play an important role in the Peace Map initiative.

CJP's Intrepid Lawyer-Activists Network.

We are also invested in creating a strongly interlinked countrywide network of lawyers, activists and citizens, committed to upholding and defending the fundamental human rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. Prompt and coordinated action, when an infringement of rights takes place, can ensure greater impact and results from the system. Actions involve understanding the rights violations, campaigns and advocacy around these and finally tapping authorities responsible for infringement, or those that can ensure correction i.e courts.

CJP has a unique relationship, connect and access with grass-root level activists in most parts of the country, working on all the Four Pillars (areas) of our work, and more. CJP will bring them together on our web digital platform to showcase the manifold natures, colours and focus of rights work in India. We aim to use this goodwill that we enjoy to encourage them to participate actively in the democratic process and become agents of change so that the India of 21st century is as diverse and yet a more just and more inclusive place.

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