CJP Provides Relief to needy families from the North-East We partnered with the Tangkhul Community to provide ration to 50 low income families

02, Apr 2020 | CJP India

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, people from North Eastern states have been at the receiving end of racial slurs and social ostracism. Our fellow Indians are being accused of not only being Chinese, but also spreading the virus! This has impacted their social mobility, including simple things as stepping out to get groceries. The worst affected are those who work low-wage jobs such as cooks, waiters, food delivery boys, spa and salon workers.

The Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai, brought to CJP’s notice the plight of 50 such families living in low income neighbourhoods in Mumbai. We have partnered together to provide ration and essential goods to these 50 families, hailing not just from the Tangkhul community but also other tribes and states from the North East.  CJP had earlier planned its distribution strategy for month-long rations per identified family. However, due to the lockdown, supplies are running out, not just in local corner-stores, but also at many large wholesale markets. We will provide the remaining items as soon as supply improves and continue to help the needy.

Support us in this fight, so that no one goes to bed hungry.






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