CJP against Covid: Medical kits ready to be distributed in Purvanchal, UP Family and Mohalla kits to be supplied across nine districts

18, May 2021 | CJP Team

Putting days and nights together, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) volunteers on May 17, 2021 began the Purvanchal project in full-swing. This included distributing, accounting, and explaining details of Mohallah Kits and Family Kits allotted for centres in Mau, Ghazipur, Ghosi, Jaunpur and parts of Banaras districts in Uttar Pradesh.

As a part of CJP’s Covid-relief efforts, we are providing medical kits to people in villages and towns of Uttar Pradesh’s deeply impoverished Purvanchal region. Currently, CJP offers two kits: a Family Kit containing soap, masks and paracetamol strips, and a Mohallah Kit with an oximeter, thermometer, and other things for community centres. Please Donate Now to help CJP reach more such communities across India.

Earlier, Team CJP elaborated its various Covid-combat initiatives such as awareness campaigns, etc. This week, the team at the ground-level is geared to begin the next step which is to distribute two kinds of medical kits – a Family Kit containing soap, masks and paracetamol strips and a Mohallah Kit with an oximeter, thermometer, and other things for community centres – among the people living in the Purvanchal region.

Here is a short video from one of our volunteers who explains the project in Hindi and showcases the importance of the kit.



Thanks to good Samaritans, CJP managed to gather enough funds to send one Mohallah Kit and 200 Family Kit per Covid-centre in the above-mentioned districts. Further, members already distributed concerned kits to 11 families in Rajghat, Saraiya, Mallah Basti and Kila Kohna cities of Banaras.


Similarly, distribution started for Ghazipur and Jaunpur districts on Monday. Both forms of kits were also sent to Azamgarh and Sarai Mohana city in Banaras on the same day. Currently, one Family Kit requires a funding of around Rs. 200 and one Mohallah Kit requires Rs. 10,440. If the organisation manages to avail more funding, the project can expand to more people in the distressed state of Uttar Pradesh.


After all, the goal is to provide around 800-1,200 Family Kits and 10 Mohallah Kits throughout the area, especially to weavers, semiskilled labour, Dalits, Malhars, OBC and artisan communities of Purvanchal, UP. The project, conceived by Dr. Muniza Khan, also hopes to include communities in Varanasi and more towns that require urgent medical assistance.

On May 18, CJP will begin distribution in Mau, Ghosi and Saraiya. Until then, members prepare for a meeting with Jaunpur SDM and panchayat heads in Ghazipur. The team hopes to start distribution at Ghazipur as early as possible.

In addition, Team CJP has already prepared around 5,000 vaccination pamphlets as well as isolation guides that will explain proper social distancing guidelines to be followed during the on-going health crisis.

All volunteers worked hard to transport supplies via scooties and rickshaws and then packaged kits as per region. Ensuring that tired volunteers also get due rest, CJP works and hopes to provide due health protection to residents. Still, members are fuelled to work following disconcerting news from nearby areas. Here are two women volunteers speaking about the on-going Covid-situation in Uttar Pradesh.


Acknowledging these issues along with longstanding communication gap between metropolitan and regional India, CJP continues such initiatives to allow small towns access to the necessary medical facilities. With more support, funds and volunteer work, this work will continue to grow.


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