Census v/s NPR What to do when government officials come to your home

01, Feb 2020

The Government of India has suddenly declared that it will conduct a door to door survey to determine the ordinary residents of India from April 2020 to September 2020 (National Population Register-NPR). India is also due for the decennial population survey, the Census in 2021. By clubbing these two processes, one a much needed and regular process, the Census with the second, controversial NPR-NRC process the government is deliberately generating confusion and causing alarm.

The 21 questions that the government is now asking under the new NPR 2020 threaten our privacy, may lead to surveillance and most dangerous of all can help target and mark out sections of the population for disenfranchisement from citizenship. This is why we are saying NO to NPR-NRC. What we need to say equally clearly is that we have no objection to the Census. Hence, we need to clearly understand and distinguish between the two. 

Which questions do we need to answer?  Which must we refuse to answer?  Why? 




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