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Tinku Sheikh CJP Wednesdays

CJP Fellow Tinku Sheikh brings to us unseen images of rural Bengal CJP is proud to have Tinku as one of its grassroots fellows

CJP Grassroots fellow Tinku Sheikh used to work as a migrant worker in Mumbai until the lockdown forced him to be unemployed. During CJP’s campaign against hunger, we came in touch with him and soon enough, we were proud to include him as our Grassroots Fellow. Watch this video to take a glance at the…

Khowai Haat

Artisans near Tagore’s Shantiniketan face penury and ruin CJP grassroots fellow Ripon Sheikh speaks to artisans and small business owners

Bolpur Shantiniketan’s Khowai haat is a weekly fair, by the Khowai river, where many artisans and artists find their sources of income. CJP grassroots fellow Ripon Sheikh speaks to artists and small business owners to know the impact of lockdown on their livelihoods and how would their income be affected by the shutting down of…

CJP for all

CJP’s incredible week of fighting for human rights Our groundbreaking work keeps pushing boundaries of humanitarian work

From getting hapless citizens out of Assam’s detention camps to supporting activists fighting the system, from denouncing unconstitutional laws like the ‘Love Jihad Laws’ to supporting our Grassroots fellows to document realities that will not be showed by the mainstream media, we are fighting for every human rights violation that is plaguing our society. Keep…

join us in fighting tyranny

#LoveAzaad: Join us in fighting tyranny and celebrating love CJP's day long event on 13th February

We are happy to invite you to CJP’s day long event on Saturday 13th February 2021 – #LoveAzaad Let’s celebrate love, not hate. 12PM IG LIVE: CJP in conversation with the founder of The Ladies Compartment, Avantika Mehta. Tune in @cjpindia on Instagram. 3PM IG LIVE: CJP in conversation with Siddhesh Gautam @bakeryprasad, graphic artist…

Banesa Bibi

CJP helps release yet another helpless woman from Assam’s detention camp Watch this video to know more about Banesa Bibi

In a huge victory for CJP’s team Assam, Banesa Bibi became the 38th person to be released from Assam’s detention camp with our help. Help us help more victims of the citizenship crisis in Assam. Donate at Related: Assam: Differently abled person’s family loses everything while fighting the citizenship crisis Citizenship crisis death toll…

CJP Assam empowering people

CJP Assam: Empowering those battling the citizenship crisis Our team is constantly by their side in the courts and beyond

#CJPWednesdays CJP Assam is continuing to help those excluded from the NRC defend their citizenship before Foreigners’ Tribunals and re-doubling its efforts to get innocents released from Detention Camps. We want our team to grow so we can help more people file comprehensive appeals against the NRC exclusions and other denials of citizenship. Help us…

facing the fanatics

Facing The Fanatics Arundhati Roy in conversation with Teesta Setalvad

In memory of Gauri Lankesh on the eve of her 59th birth anniversary watch Arundhati Roy in conversation with Teesta Setalvad and special guest Kavitha Lankesh. Related: CJP moves Supreme Court in Hathras case Hundreds Of Adivasi Activists Gather To Protest Against Farm Laws Thousands in Mumbai march in solidarity with Indian Famers

Love Azaad

Lend your voice to CJP’s #LoveAzaad campaign Be a part of our campaign and help keep #LoveAzaad

CJP has intervened in Indian courts against the criminalisation of love and we are asking Indians to respond through Music, Art, Opinions And Poetry. Send us your artwork and videos of your poems, music, opinions and Write to [email protected] Send us your support. Related: CJP moves Supreme Court in Hathras case SC entrusts Witness Protection…

Raju Shetti

सरकार को अडानी अम्बानी की नहीं, किसानों की सुननी चाहिए: राजू शेट्टी कृषि कानून गरीबों को लूट कर अमीरों की मदद करता है

देखिये CJP की ख़ास पेशकश, जिसमे पूर्व सांसद और स्वाभिमानी शेतकारी संघठना के राजू शेट्टी ने विवादास्पद कृषि कानूनों पर अपने विचार साझा किए हैं, और बता रहे हैं कि यह कैसे किसानों और समाज के गरीब वर्गों को प्रभावित करता है। CJP को भारतीय किसानों के साथ खड़े होने पर गर्व है। Related: Hundreds…

naseeruddin shah indian farmers

Indian Farmers know what is best for them: Naseeruddin Shah CJP has been standing beside the Indian farmers

This #CJPWednesdays, Prolific actor Naseeruddin Shah sends out a message for the Farmers of India and their fight against the Farm Laws. CJP has been actively standing beside the Indian farmers and will proudly continue to do so. Related: Hundreds Of Adivasi Activists Gather To Protest Against Farm Laws Thousands in Mumbai march in solidarity…

Mumbai With Farmers

Thousands in Mumbai march in solidarity with Indian Famers CJP is proud to stand by the farmers of India

Several organisations and civil society groups came together under the banner of ‘Kisan Alliance Morcha’ in support of the farmers’ agitation against the new farm laws in Mumbai, questioning the need for the new Farm Laws. Related: Hundreds Of Adivasi Activists Gather To Protest Against Farm Laws

farmers march

आइये ‘किसान गठबंधन मोर्चा’ की रैली में भाग लेकर किसानों की आवाज़ बनें! Hear what Naseeruddin Shah and Teesta Setalvad have to say

मशहूर अभिनेता नसीरुद्दीन शाह के साथ पत्रकार-एक्टिविस्ट तीस्ता सेतलवाड़ समझा रही हैं कि, आज भारत के किसानों के साथ, कृषि विरोधी कानूनों के खिलाफ़ संघर्ष में हमें उनका साथ देना क्यों ज़रूरी है. 16 जनवरी 2020 को किसान गठबंधन मोर्चा में शामिल होकर, देश के किसानों की आवाज़ बने. स्थान: इस्लाम जिमखाना से आज़ाद मैदान तक समय: दोपहर 2 बजे।…

CJP Wednesdays CJP Fellowship

Don’t miss out on CJP Grassroots Fellows’ stories This #CJPWednesdays let's take a look at stories documented by our Grassroots fellows

CJP grassroots fellows are bringing out stories of communities that are often ignored by the mainstream media. From protests in solidarity with farmers in Bengal to daily wage workers’ concerns, from lives of the indigenous tribes to sharing traditional music of the communities that we work with, they have been busy documenting the world around…

AIFWP activist protest farm laws

Hundreds Of Adivasi Activists Gather To Protest Against Farm Laws CJP stands with AIUFWP and the forest dwellers

Watch: This CJP exclusive video where numerous Adivasis, forest dwelling activists and AIUFWP leaders gather to protest against the Agriculture laws. The forest dwelling farmers have been regularly harassed by the forest department, their farmlands have been dug out and the women have been severely assaulted. The AIUFWP activists have joined their movement against the…

CJP wednesdays CJP fact finding

#CJPWednesdays CJP fact finding: Looking into the distress of Purvanchal’s weavers A peek into CJP's fact finding teams incredible dialogue with weaver's of Purvanchal region in UP and their current state of hopelessness

CJP’s ongoing fact-finding mission examines the blows dealt by Covid and administrative apathy and brings out stories of despair from the weavers of Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh. Related: Award winning author now sells fish for a living  The unending plight of migrant workers in Bengal Uncovering the despair of Purvanchal’s weavers

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