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HRDs Under Attack

आवाज़ दबाने वाले ख़ुद आवाज़ तले दब गए मानवाधिकार संरक्षकों की गिरफ़्तारी के बाद सोशल मीडिया पर छिड़ी हैशटैग की जंग!

भीमा-कोरेगांव के दोषियों को सज़ा देने के बजाय, जो लोग पीड़ितों के अधिकार के लिए संघर्ष कर रहे हैं, उन्हें ही निशाना बनाते हुए, बेबुनियाद तानाशाही फ़रमान के तहत 28 अगस्त 2018 को देश भर के प्रमुख बुद्धिजीवियों, लेखकों, कवियों, और मानवाधिकार के संरक्षकों को मोदी सरकार ने गिरफ्तार करना शुरू कर दिया.   जो शांतिप्रिय लोग हर प्रकार की हिंसा के विरुद्ध संघर्षरत…

Rights Groups come together to condemn Activists’ Arbitrary Arrests Issue statement calling for repeal of draconian UAPA

More than 35 rights groups convened a press conference on Wednesday, August 29, condemning the arrests of prominent human rights activists in simultaneous multi-city raids on Tuesday, August 28. The organisations have issued a joint statement, saying that they “condemn the appalling state actions of reprisals against noted human rights activists and intellectuals, which are…

SC Extends Power To Grant Anticipatory Bail
activists call for charges against Anand Teltumbde
Birthday of sudho sona

Sudha Bharadwaj’s Remarkable Journey: From Trade Unionist and Lawyer to ‘Urban Naxal’ Human Rights Defender Profile

Sudha Bharadwaj, born in 1961, has been associated with the trade union movement in Chhattisgarh for more than 25 years. She is the general secretary of the Chhattisgarh unit of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), and a member of Women against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS). After living and working in Bilaspur for several years,…

Pune Police forcibly detain activist Sudha Bhardawaj Advocate Vrinda Grover alleges sheer contempt of Punjab & Haryana HC

In a shocking breach of law and procedure, in fact out and out contempt of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, the Pune police thwarted the stay granted against the transit remand of Sudha Bhardwaj and till well past midnight attempted to forcibly whisk her away to Pune. Advocate Sudha Bharadwaj, renowned for her…

State Crushing Dissent Again! Raids against Human Rights activists across India

A vindictive state is brazenly attacking dissent in India. What’s more disturbing, is that it is actually spinning this as their crackdown on persons who threaten national security and integrity! On August 28, police raided homes of several social activists across India, under the guise of investigating them for being involved in planning and instigating…

UP police

Reign of Terror and Repression in UP: NAPM condemns filing of false cases against AIUWFP Leadership Press Release

New Delhi, August 18 : NAPM condemns the systematic targeting and repression unleashed by the state of Uttar Pradesh on the Adivasis and other forest dwelling communities in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh associated with the All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP). On 22nd of May, 2018 villagers from Lilasi, largely from tribal communities, were attacked…

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