`Bans taking toll on Mumbai’s cultural life’

09, Oct 2015

Artistes, Filmmakers Decry Rise In Attempts At Censorship
Goino Banks re members wat ching in a daze as Shiv Sainiks went on a rampage at the Mumbai Press Club less than a year ago. Banks was there to talk about his upcoming collaboration with Pakistani band Mekaal Hasan, and Sena was predictably outraged by yet another happy cross-border cultural link.
“It was unfortunate. It still is,“ says the musician, considered one of the most prolific drummers from India. Just like their collaborative album, the now-cancelled concert by Ghulam Ali is about music. The concert stands cancelled after Sena used its well-worn rant about not engaging with Pakistan in times of border conflict.“It is a tricky situation as some groups seem to have strong sentiments. I don’t know how to overcome it as a musician,“ says Banks.


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