After three years of struggle, late freedom fighter’s daughter declare as Indian Samoyik Prasanga 23rd November,2023

24, Nov 2023

Seje Bala got relief by judgment of tribunal

Freedom fighter Late Digendra Chandra Ghosh was one of the associates of the revolutionary Chandrasekhar Azad. His daughter 73 year old Seje Bala Ghosh was marked as a foreigner. After three years of legal fight Bongaigaon tribunal declared her as Indian. Who is Seje Bala? Her bright legacy is connected with India’s independence war. Even after 70 years of life, such a woman has to run to the tribunal.
In March 2020, the notice of 2004 served to Sejebala. Declared foreigner batch was placed next to her name. Which is very embarrassing for Sejebala. She crossed the threshold of the tribunal with the vital pressure to proof her citizenship. In the last three years Citizens for Justice and Peace(CJP) continuously helped her in legal battle to prove her citizenship. Bongaigaon FT declared her as Indian on 21st November, 2023. But despite being declared an Indian, Sejebala’s heart is still burning.
 Holding the order copy in her hand, the old widow said in trembling voice, “In the time of war my mother donated 50 rupees in the Indian defence fund. That money was worth a lot in those days. 4kg of rice was available for one rupee. 1anna used to get 250 ml of oil. My father was a freedom fighter. The government also forced me too go to court. It’s very shameful. I will not forget this shame in my life. But there is God, He will judge it.” Sejebala said in a tearful voice.
 Sejebala’s point is that it is not enough that she became an Indian by law. The history of independence is intertwined with her life. Yet she had to go to the tribunal to prove herself an Indian. Just thinking about it, the inside of the heart growls.


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