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08, May 2017

Best Bakery witness changes statement 

Asian Age
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Mumbai, Oct. 28:

The first eye witness of the prosecution, who identified
seven of the accused in court earlier, contradicted several of his
statements during the cross-examination in the Best Bakery retrial.

Thursday, while deposing before special judge A.M. Thipsay, the witness
said he had seen prime witness Zahira Shaikh, her mother and her
grandmother being led towards the room on the first floor of the bakery
building by a group of people on March 1, 2002.

the examination, he had stated that they were confined to a room. The
witness had identified seven accused on Wednesday saying that he had
witnessed the violent crowd attacking the bakery. He said that the accused
tied the limbs of Zahira Shaikh, her mother and her grandmother while
pushing them into a room.

Thursday he contradicted his statement saying that he had only seen the
three women being led towards the room. He also said that the court might
have made a mistake in recording his statement on Wednesday. Defence
counsel Adhik Shirodkar cross-examined him and pointed out several



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