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Press Release: Eighth Day of Arguments in Zakia Jafri Protest Petition

24, Jul 2013


The decision to hand over bodies to Jaideep
Patel, general secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and
co-accused and collaborator in the carefully orchestrated
conspiracy executed by A-1 Narendra Modi, was a deliberate,
criminal and conscious act that must be prosecuted as it was
aimed at handing over GujaratÂ’s streets to the Vishwa Hindu
Parishad (VHP) so that targeted violence against innocent
sections of the Muslim minorities could be spread and unleashed.
Instead of limiting the violation and agitation to Godhra city
after the tragic train burning on 27.2.2002, where curfew was
rightly declared by

10 a.m., curfew orders were
absent or deliberately delayed elsewhere and GujaratÂ’s streets
were handed over, the police and administration consciously
neutralised for bloodshed to ensue. This was argued by advocate
Mihir Desai on the eighth day of arguments for the Zakia Jafri
Protest Petition before the 11th Metropolitan
MagistrateÂ’s Court, Ahmedabad today.

This was a systematically thought out game plan
executed by sections of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
and VHP, where office bearers and influential functionaries
collaborated in the mass and targeted violence. Reading out from
extensive records of the SIT that had been suppressed from both
the Supreme Court and the Amicus Curiae, records obtained from
the then DGP, Gujarat in 2010, former DGP Mahapatra (annexures
to his affidavit before the Nanavati Commission) and also
annexures to former ADGP-Intelligence RB SreekumarÂ’s affidavit
filed in July 2002, advocate for Zakia Jafri and Citizens for
Justice and Peace pointed out how the state home department
headed by A-1 Home Minister Narendra Modi was aware and warned
of the excessive communal mobilisation
before the Godhra tragedy on 27.2.2002 and yet chose to
deliberately and criminally ignore taking adequate preventive

(Annexed to this press release are some of these
messages that are part of the Protest Petition, Page 192-199
Volume 1). Ashok Narayan AC Home and also co-accused in the
complaint mentions this in his statement and yet SIT that was
mandated by the Supreme Court on the basis of the complaint
dated 8.6.2006 to investigate every aspect of the wider criminal
conspiracy deliberately chose not to deal with this at all.

The call for Bandh by the VHP that was
immediately supported by the ruling BJP and knowledge of this
was with the administration from 1230 hours on 27.2.2002 while
A-1 Modi was still at Gandhinagar, while the Assembly session
was on was also part of the calibrated conspiracy to hand over
the streets to the VHP. Scoffing at ModiÂ’s statement before the
SIT where he states that he came to know of the BJP support for
the bandh only on the evening of February 27, 2002, Mihir Desai
also read from a detailed analysis of the phone call records of
the chief minister.

Annexed to the Protest Petition at Annexure
Volume IV, this Analysis carries startling details that show
that from the seven landlines available to the chief minister at
his office and residence, only a handful (barely six to seven
calls are received on the fateful day) of which one is from VHP
strongman Jaideep Patel, also a co-accused. Reminding the 11th
Magisterial Court hearing the protest petition that the first
two calls made by the chief minister, Accused Nos 1 from the his
PS AP PatelÂ’s Phone, two were to Jaideep Patel on 27.2.2002 to
despatch him to Godhra, take control of the situation, further
inflame passions, transport the bodies to Godhra when law and
procedure demanded that only the police and administration
should have been given the bodies, that too to dispose of
quietly after identification by their families. Despite the fact
that such identification was not completed the VHP was allowed
by a top level decision a few run of the streets. The SIT in a
superficial and biased investigation had examined several
officials of the chief ministerÂ’s office (CMO) but consciously
failed to record the statement of AP Patel. Why demanded Desai?

Worst of all was the conduct of the SIT in
keeping the Supreme Court, the Amicus Curiae and even the
MagistrateÂ’s Court in the dark about the host of documentary
evidence that substantiates charges of criminal conspiracy,
violent communal build up and attacks on the minorities from the
afternoon of February 27, 2002 itself. One such example, Desai
pointed out from the records of the SIT was a letter from
secretary CJP, Teesta Setalvad (April 2011) to AK Malhotra, IO
SIT about the sudden memory returning to A-29 former
Commissioner of Police PC Pande when, only after the Supreme
Court orders further investigation on 15.3.2011 does he produced
CDs with 3,500 pages of scanned Police Control Room messages of
the Ahmedabad City.
PandeÂ’s memory lapse for nine years is
ignored, said Desai, but Sanjiv BhattÂ’s memory lapse of seven
years is commented upon heavily, sarcastically commented Desai.
The role and motive of the SIT was and is clearly to not
investigate serious charges thoroughly and protect powerful
accused. Arguments will continue on Friday.



Tables from protest petition
Annex IV File XIV (5731 to 6140)
About incidents on Dt. 27/2/02

Sr. No.

Page No

Message Date/  Time



1 5746 28/2/02

1:10 hrs


14:30 to 15:00 on dt.
27/2/02 a mob of 200 persons was pelting stones and set fire
to a bus & shop.

Bapunagar ICR

No. 64/02

2 5749 28/2/02

1:21 hrs

Zone-I: Visit to point of arson i.e. on shop; place: Opp.
Samrat Dairy, Nehru Park, Vastrapur.
3 5750 28/2/02

1:54 hrs

Arrange for SRP bandobast at Sola Hospital because dead
bodies are to arrive from Godhra.
4 5754 28/2/02

1:55 hrs

A mob attacked a rickshaw and injured 4 persons near
Ratnasagar Cross Road, Meghaninagar, at

22:00 on dt. 27/2/02.

Meghaninagar ICR No. 66/02
5 5757 28/2/02

2:05 hrs

A mob injured one Muslim with sharp weapons near the Express
Highway at 21:45 on 27/2/02 and Taushif Shaeb Ali Saiyed has
Amraiwadi ICR

No. 96/02 IPC 302

6 5760 28/2/02

2:49 hrs

ASI Meghaninagar informed that Raj Cycle Store has been set
on fire near Umiyanagar. Send Fire Brigade.
7 5762 28/2/02

2:00 hrs

A mob burnt 11 seats and damaged exteriors near Maruti
Complex bus stand at

19:45 on dt. 27/2/02 and
then ran away.

8 5768 28/2/02

2:38 hrs

A mob of about 100 persons did stone- pelting and burnt
buses and rickshaws and damaged public property at

17:15 on dt. 27/2/02.

Odhav ICR

No. 78/02

9 5771 28/2/02

3:00 hrs

Babubhai Trikambhai and 8 other persons formed an unlawful
assembly and damaged rickshaws and trucks near Lilanagar,
N.H.-8, Odhav.
Odhav ICR

No. 79/02

10 5775 28/2/02

2:30 hrs

A mattress shop was burnt at Pashwanath Township, Naroda. Naroda ICR

No. 96/02

11 5777 28/2/02

3:20 hrs

Stone-pelting on an ST Bus and damage to public property
took place near Paldi Cross Road at

19:10 on dt. 27/2/02.

Ellisbrige ICR

No. 112/02

12 5783 28/2/02

3:06 hrs

4 Unknown persons burnt a rickshaw and injured one Muslim
with sharp weapons near C.T.M., Ramol, at

21:45 on dt. 27/2/02.

Amraiwadi ICR

No. 97/02

13 5786 &



3:40 hrs

50 to 60 persons were pelting stones and set fire to a car,
two bikes and damaging houses. The incident occurred at
Rajnagar, Paldi at

19:35 on dt. 27/2/02.

Ellisbrige ICR

No. 113/02

14 5792 28/2/02

3:45 hrs

A mattress shop has been burnt at Vasna; Send police.
15 5798




00:30 hrs

A factory was burnt at Ambikanagar at

00:30 on dt. 27/2/02.

Odhav ICR

No. 80/02

16 5801 28/2/02

3:50 hrs

A mob attacked and injured one Muslim near Mahalaxmi Cross
Road, Paldi, at

20:30 on dt. 27/2/02.

Ellisbridge ICR

No. 114/02

17 5805



4:20 hrs

A mob attacked and injured one Muslim near Law Garden at

20:15 on dt. 27/2/02.

Ellisbridge ICR

No. 116/02

18 5807 &



4:28 hrs

4 unknown persons attacked and injured one Muslim near
Kathwada Road, Naroda, at 19.30 on dt. 27/2/02.
Naroda ICR

No. 97/02

19 5840 28/02/02

8:45 hrs

Jafarbhai who was injured near Rameshwar Cross Road at 13:10
yesterday died at 18:45 yesterday i.e. on dt. 27/2/02.
Meghaninagar ICR No. 65/02


Annexure III File XXXIV

D-176 Part-I


Page No.





Sent to Whom

Message Instruction


1 1 D-1/6-HA/ Ram Mahayagya/228/2002

Dt. 7/2/02

P.B. Upadhyaya

Dy. Com. (Com.)

For Add. DGP Int. Guj. State G. Nagar

All CP, All SP, Home Sec. G.Nagar, Police, G.Nagar VHP Guj. arrange the programme of Purnahuti Maha Yagna
starting on 24.2.02 and send VHP workers to Ayodhya on dt.

– VHP Guj. arrange the Maha Yagna and plan to manage the
programme on dt. 7.2.02 to 17.2.02 so, for that reason, to
ensure that no incident takes place in any area, take

2 2 D-1/9-HA/ 253/2002

Dt. 12/2/02

P.B. Upadhyaya

Dy. Com. (Com.)

For Add. DGP Int. Guj. State G. Nagar

DGP, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow,

Home Sec, G.Nagar, Police, G. Nagar


3,000 kar sevaks from Gujarat to reach Ayodhya by 23.2.02 to
participate in the proposed 100-day Maha Yagna programme
commencing from dt. 24.2.02
3 3 D-1/9-HA/ 252/2002

Dt. 12/2/02

P.B. Upadhyaya

Dy. Com. (Com.)

For Add. DGP Int. Guj. State G. Nagar

DGP, Add. Chief Sec.,

Home Dept.


G. Nagar, Police, G. Nagar


VHP Guj. arrange the programme of Purnahuti Maha Yagna
starting on 24.2.02 and send VHP workers to Ayodhya on dt.

– VHP to construct a temple at Ayodhya and thus disrupt the
law and order situation at Ayodhya and there is thus the
possibility of innocent personsÂ’ lives being put in danger.
Reactions to Ayodhya are also reflected in Gujarat state.
VHP has been canvassing about the Mandir issue and for that
reason also religious feelings have been hurt.


4 4 D-1/9-HA/ 259/2002

Dt. 13/2/02

P.B. Upadhyaya

Dy. Com. (Com.)

For Add. DGP Int. Guj. State G. Nagar

All CP, All SP, State Int. West. Vadodara, Home Sec., G.

Police, G. Nagar

All Range IGP, State Int. Dept. U.P., Lucknow

VHP GS Praveen Togadia announced on 29.1.02 that a Ram
Mandir would be constructed at any cost on or after

March 12

– information sent by IB- any weapons including lathis
carried by them (kar sevaks)

5 5 D-1/9-HA/ 295/2002

Dt. 20/2/02

P.B. Upadhyaya

Dy. Com. (Com.)

For Add. DGP Int. Guj. State G. Nagar

Add. DGP (Int.) G.S. G. Nagar

SP, West. Rly. Vadodara

Home Sec. G.Nagar


G. Nagar

Under the leadership of Gujarat leader Dilip Trivedi, 3,000
VHP and BD workers will leave for Ayodhya from A/bad Kalupur
Stat. by the Sabarmati Express at

20:00 on dt. 22.2.02. So
take precautions.

6 6 D-1/9-HA/ 300/2002 Dt. 21/2/02 P.B. Upadhyaya

Dy. Com. (Com.)

For Add. DGP Int. Guj. State G. Nagar

Add. DGP (Int.) G.S. G.Nagar

All CP, All SP, West Rly. Vadodara

Home Sec.




3,000 VHP and BD workers will reach Ayodhya by the Sabarmati
Express. So take precautions.
7 7 D-1/9-HA/ 296/2002

Dt. 21/2/02

P.B. Upadhyaya

Dy. Com. (Com.)

For Add. DGP Int. Guj. State G. Nagar

SSP, Faizabad, UP,

IG (CI) Int. Dept. UP. Lucknow,

Home Sec.


Police G.Nagar

Add. DGP (Int.) G.S. G.Nagar

About 3,000 VHP & BD activists from Gujarat State, under the
leadership of Dilip Trivedi (VHP, Gujarat Pradesh), are
leaving Gujarat by train for Ayodhya from  22.2.2002 to
8 8 D-1/9-HA/ 312/2002 Dt. 23/2/02 P.B. Upadhyaya

Dy. Com. (Com.)

For Add. DGP Int. Guj. State G. Nagar

SSP, Faizabad, UP, (F.No. 05278- 24215/ 22209).

IG (CI) Int. Dept. UP. Lucknow, (F.N. 0522- 206235)

Home Sec.


Police, G.Nagar, Add. DGP (Int.) G.S. G.Nagar

Kumari Malaben Raval (President Durga Vahini, Gujarat) from
Gujarat State has left Ahmedabad (Gujarat) by the Sabarmati
Express, train No. 9165, for Ayodhya at 20.50 hrs on


92-Shri Kuldeep Narayan Sharma-08-03-10.pdf

A P Patel27-02-2002

Narendra Modi 27-28.02.2002

110421 Letter to A K Malhotra (SIT)

Teesta Setalvad, Secretary

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