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Supreme Court – NHRC Order 15/05/2009

ITEM NO. 301 COURT NO.9 SECTION PIL SUPREME COURT OF INDIA RECORD OF PROCEEDINGS WRIT PETITION (CRL.) NO. 109 OF 2003 NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION Petitioner(s) VERSUS STATE OF GUJARAT & ORS. Respondent(s) (Office report for direction with letter dated May 14, 2009 received from Shri R.K. Raghavan, Chairman Special Investigation Team) Date: 15/05/2009 This…

Supreme Court – NHRC Order 01-05-2009

REPORTABLE IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CRIMINAL ORIGINAL JURISDICTION WRIT PETITON (CRL.) NO. 109 of 2003 National Human Rights Commission ..Petitioner versus State of Gujarat and Ors. ..Respondents With Crl.M.P. No.10719/2003 in WP (Crl.) No.109/2003 Crl.M.P. No. 7078/2003 in WP (Crl.) No.109/2003 Crl.M.P. No. 7827/2003, 8193/2003 & 8194/2003 in WP (Crl.) No.109/2003 Crl.M.P. No.…

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