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2-yr-old asking for food slapped by teacher in UP, loses hearing

18, Feb 2016

Feb 18 2016 : The Times of India (Mumbai)

A two-and-a-half-yearold boy lost his hearing after he was allegedly slapped by a teacher for asking for food at his older siblings’ school during a midday meal service.Doctors have confirmed that the minor has suffered “at least partial loss of hearing“ after the incident which took place in Mansukhpura in Bah on Wednesday .

The boy , Rajat Singh, had on Wednesday gone to the government school where his three older siblings study. During the midday meal he sought food from teacher Raghuvir Raghuvir, who then slapped the minor as he was “not a part of the school“.

“My son has lost hearing in one ear,“ said Rajat’s father Shyamvir Singh. “Rajat is yet to enrol in primary school but he wanted to attend classes with his brother and sisters.The slap caused Rajat’s ear to bleed.“ Rubbishing Shyamvir’s claims, the teacher, Raghuvir, told TOI: “Shyamvir is not telling the truth. The child was fine till school go over. The matter was sensationalized after the child reached home.“

He said, “I did slap Rajat because he was wandering alone in the school grounds alone, where stray dogs could have attacked and hurt him. The blame for that would have fallen on me.“

Shyamvir Singh has given a written complaint to the police and officials said they will take appropriate action after conducting an investigation..


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