Citizens for Justice and Peace

Press Release: Terror Attack on Samjhauta Express

19, Feb 2007


As citizens of India committed strongly
committed to peaceful and fruitful relations between India and Pakistan as
also unequivocally to lasting justice and peace between all communities
within India, our heart goes out to all the victims of the recent terror
attack on board the Samjhauta Express. The attack reveals above all, that
terror and terrorism has no religion and victims of all communities,
Muslim and Hindu, rich and poor can easily become the victims of such an
attack. We offer our deepest condolences to all the affected families in
this moment of grief.

We unequivocally condemn this attack that is
an attempt not only to de-rail peace talks but also to create schisms and
rifts between communities. We thank the political leadership of both
countries for using sombre and sensitive language at such a time and urge
them — specifically the intelligence and investigative authorities of
India– to go further and rigorously investigate and get to the bottom of
such an attack.

Outfits of terror have no religion and should
never be equated as such. The language and acts of terror can be
perpetrated by fanatic outfits within any and all social, political and
religious sections. Similarly victims of terror as todayÂ’s brutal incident
shows, can hail and do hail from all sections. Terror and
terrorism can be home grown as well as imported; both equally are not just
anti-national, they strike at the fabric of our nation because they create
schisms between communities.

Vijay Tendulkar, President CJP

Dr Prabhat Patnaik, noted economist

Teesta Setalvad, Secretary, CJP and co-editor
Communalism Combat

Arvind Krishnaswamy, Treasurer, CJP,

Javed Akhtar, CJP and Muslims for Secular
Democracy (MSD),

CP Chandraskehar, economist, JNU,

Javed Anand, CJP and MSD,

Nandan Maluste, CJP,

Anil Dharker, CJP,

Rajendra Prasad, SAHMAT

Ram Rehman            , SAHMAT,


Hasan Kamal, MSD,

Rahul Bose, CJP



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