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08, May 2017

June 18, 2012

Judge Dhanda pulls up SIT

Judge Dhanda hearing the
Gulberg society massacre  trial pulled up adv Jambuar appearing for
the SIT for witholding Investigation Records from the Sessions Court
despite two orders dated 9.11.2011 and 11.4.12 passed by him. Victim
witnesses had applied for these documents arguing that whatever
documents related to the conspiracy and involvement of top policemen
and politicians in the conspiracy  (that encompassed all Gujarat
districts in 2002 but also related to Gulberg) should be made
available to the Court hearing the trial. Since January 2010 victim
witnesses have been argued to get former Joint CP MK Tandon then DCP
Gondia and other policemen arraigned as accused. The Court has
deferred decision on this application on ground s that the SIT was
still investigating their role.

Why is the SIT in open hostility and opposition to the Victim
Witnesses who are assisting the prosecution the Judge asked?

When advocate Jambuar
asked the Court to recall his order the incensed Judge refused to do
so saying the SIT could not play games with the Court by bringing in
different advocates at different hearings. He said the SIT advocate
should take instructions from special public prosecutor Kodekar as
to what had happened on earlier dates.
The SIT has now been ordered to place on record all documents by
27.6.2012. Adv Sadik Shaikh and Salim Shaikh appeared for the victim

(Contacts Adv Sadik Shaikh -09824036117; Adv Salim Shaikh


Teesta Setalvad, Secretary


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Application dated June 4, 2012, for SIT to produce documents related to Gulberg





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