16-yr-old ‘gangraped thrice in last 20 days’, one arrested, hunt on for two

23, Oct 2015

Victim has alleged that accused spiked her drink and took turns to rape her .
By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published:October 23, 2015 1:46 am
A 16-year-old girl from Jogeshwari has alleged that she was gangraped by at least three persons, including a boy she had recently become friends with, at least three times over the last 20 days.
The victim, in her statement to the police, has said she was given a spiked drink and the three accused took turns to rape her. She said the accused also threatened to kill her parents if she did not comply with their wishes.
According to the Oshiwara police, the main accused, Salman Khan (22), a resident of the Jogeshwari (West), has been arrested. The police said that the victim and her parents approached them on October 16 and registered a complaint against Salman.
“I was waiting for an autorickshaw to go to college in September when Salman stopped his motorbike close to me, snatched my cell phone from my hand and dialled his own number using it. I snatched it back and he asked my name, and when I refused, he left. Unable to understand what had just happened, I went to college. Soon after, Salman started calling me and asking me to meet him. He even made his sister approach me and plead his case. I finally relented and went out with him earlier this month. He offered me fruit juice, and I started feeling giddy after drinking it,” the victim has said in her statement.


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