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Complaint against Zee News

Victory! NBSA rules in CJP’s favour in Complaint against Zee News Broadcaster warned, asked to remove content

In a huge victory for CJP’s campaign against hate speech, the News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA) has acted on our complaint against Zee News and asked the channel to take down inflammatory and violence inducing content broadcast in June 2018 during its show Kya Kehta Hai India. In its order issued on May 1, the NBSA has stated,…

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NBSA Accepts CJP complaint against Zee TV for inciteful telecast Calls both parties for hearing on February 25, 2019

CJP’s complaint dated July 9, 2018, against Zee News for violating the News Broadcasting Standards Authority’s (NBSA) Special Guidelines covering Impartiality, Neutrality and Fairness, when it aired a programme titled ‘Kya Kehta Hai India’ on June 6, 2018 at 8 p.m., has been accepted. Both parties have been called for a hearing in New Delhi…

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Hate Watch: CJP’s complaint over hate-filled content on Zee News continues CJP responds to NBSA over letter from Zee Media Corporation

CJP received a response from Zee Media Corporation Ltd. (ZMCL) after we first sent a letter, and then filed a complaint with the News Broadcasting Standards Authority (NBSA), over hate-filled and violence-inducing content aired on Zee News in June 2018. CJP has since responded to the NBSA, requesting that our complaint may be pursued further.…

Complaint against Zee News

Hate Watch: CJP files complaint over hate-filled Zee News show Seeks action from NBSA against violence-inducing content

CJP has filed an official complaint with the NBSA over ‘inciteful’ and violence-inducing content aired by Zee News. We took note after Zee News saw fit to air divisive content on June 30, 2018, during its ‘Kya Kehta Hai India’ programme. The show, a poetry meet or kavi sammelan, featured multiple poets who called for widespread violence…

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Hate Watch: CJP writes to Zee News Seeks action against hate filled poetry show

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) has written to the Zee Media Corporation after its channel, Zee News, saw fit to air a divisive programme on June 30, 2018, on its ‘Kya Kehta Hai India’ segment. The programme featured multiple poets who called for widespread violence against the population of Jammu and Kashmir, with no…

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