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#CJPWednesdays CJP fact finding: Looking into the distress of Purvanchal’s weavers A peek into CJP's fact finding teams incredible dialogue with weaver's of Purvanchal region in UP and their current state of hopelessness

CJP’s ongoing fact-finding mission examines the blows dealt by Covid and administrative apathy and brings out stories of despair from the weavers of Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh. Related: Award winning author now sells fish for a living  The unending plight of migrant workers in Bengal Uncovering the despair of Purvanchal’s weavers

Pottery Industry Ripon sheikh

Terracotta tales: When earth, water and fire meet, a story is born Potters are eco warriors, creating biodegradable functional utensils, but the industry is declining

Potters are the original eco warriors. For generations, potters have kneaded clay and water, and their deft fingers have mounded this earthy dough into every kind of utensil imaginable. Their skill is passed down generations, a heritage, that is not merely learned, it is lived. But one cannot live on heritage status alone. Daily bread…

Weaver who now runs a tea shop

How this weaver was forced to run a tea shop After the lockdown, many of them are struggling to find work

CJP and our partners on ground are on a fact finding mission to bring out stories of the weaving community of Purvanchal, who have been hit by the twin blow of coronavirus lockdown and administrative apathy. In this exclusive video, we will take you through the looms and factories, of some of India’s most exquisite…

Uncovering the despair of Purvanchal’s weavers CJP fact finding brings to us stories from Purvanchal's weaving industry

CJP has undertaken, in association with our partners, a fact-finding mission to get to the bottom of what ails the once-thriving weaving industry of Purvanchal. Watch this video to know what to expect out of these investigations. Our partners and advisors include Dipak Malik, Vasanthi Raman, Abdullah Ansari, Lenin Raghuvanshi, and many others. Dr Muniza…

How Purvanchal’s traditional weaving industry came undone CJP’s ongoing fact-finding mission examines the twin-blows dealt by Covid and administrative apathy

Weaving is not just an industry in Uttar Pradesh’s Purvanchal region, it is the basis for a strong bond between people from two communities. Handcrafted textiles are the means through which craftsmen and women tell the story of their rich and vivid heritage. But now this bond appears to be weakening as the industry has been…

Women street vendors particularly vulnerable during lockdown: ISST-Janpahal Survey finds they face high loss of livelihood, sexual harassment

Thrice oppressed, women street vendors have turned to exhausting personal savings for survival besides bearing the overarching burden of household chores reveals this survey by ISST-Janpahal in Delhi. Gender disparities sharpen during calamities and conflicts making the burden worse. So it has been for the impact of the Covid19 pandemic lockdown. While migrant labourers and…

“चलो पकोड़ा बेचा जाए” सुनिए गुड्डू अकेला का देश के नौजवानों को सन्देश

Whatsapp पर धूम मचने वाली पकोड़ा कविता, अब सुनिए गुड्डू अकेला की ज़ुबानी . देखिया कैसे पकोड़े बेच कर भारतीय नौजवान बेरोज़गारी का डट कर सामना कर सकते हैं .

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