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Women street vendors particularly vulnerable during lockdown: ISST-Janpahal Survey finds they face high loss of livelihood, sexual harassment

Thrice oppressed, women street vendors have turned to exhausting personal savings for survival besides bearing the overarching burden of household chores reveals this survey by ISST-Janpahal in Delhi. Gender disparities sharpen during calamities and conflicts making the burden worse. So it has been for the impact of the Covid19 pandemic lockdown. While migrant labourers and…

“चलो पकोड़ा बेचा जाए” सुनिए गुड्डू अकेला का देश के नौजवानों को सन्देश

Whatsapp पर धूम मचने वाली पकोड़ा कविता, अब सुनिए गुड्डू अकेला की ज़ुबानी . देखिया कैसे पकोड़े बेच कर भारतीय नौजवान बेरोज़गारी का डट कर सामना कर सकते हैं .

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