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CJP against Covid: CJP maps aid to the marginalised adversely impact by the lockdown To help relief workers reach the most affected by the crisis, use the information made available below

In its fight against Covid-19, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) has begun its #CJPAgainstCovid initiative to help the most marginalized and needy impacted during the lockdown. To connect relief workers with those providing aid, please use the Public Google Sheet for the same. Click here to open the google sheet  Related: Covid-19: guidelines for…

There can be no Peace without Justice Words of Support from Mahesh Bhatt

One of our oldest allies and strongest supporters, Mahesh Bhatt, is a well known filmmaker as well as a fearless and powerful member of India’s civil society. A man who minces no words, Mahesh Bhatt has been a source of energy and encouragement since our inception.   This testimonial was first published on November 27,…

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