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sonbhadra comes to mumbai

CJP brings Adivasis to Mumbai Shores Sonbhadra comes to Mumbai

On #WorldIndigenousDay, CJP is proud to stand with the Adivasi human rights defenders who are fighting for their ‘jal jangal zameen’. Related: FRA 2006 can’t be diluted Sokalo: An Adivasi warrior who defends her people Lobby of Corporate Interests, Bureaucrats and Mafia looting Forest Land: Roma Sonbhadra’s Mahua Coloured Dreams Rajkumari Bhuiya: Songs as her…

Women forest dwellers recount struggles, stories of resistance in Mumbai event

Even though there exist laws to protect forest dwellers in the country, residents, especially women, continue to face severe forms of harassment at the hands of officials, said women activists from Sonbhadra District of Uttar Pradesh during an event in Mumbai. They recounted stories of resistance and struggles in their attempts to secure land during…

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