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Malaysia to abolish death penalty, revoke sedition law

Malaysia will abolish the death penalty, the New York Times reported. The country’s minister of law, Liew Vui Keong, told reporters, “All death penalty will be abolished. Full stop”. Malaysia’s government is also set to revoke the Sedition Act, a law dating back to the colonial era that has previously been employed against critics and…

Sedition Law: Crushing Dissent in India since 1833 Colonial era law to keep freedom fighters in check, now used in free India to silence dissenters

There is no doubt that the founding philosophy of administration in India is based upon the pre-independence British rule, and our Indian Constitution does hold true many laws that then existed. However, the British Law in India and the Indian Constitution are widely divergent in letter and in spirit. The Government of India Act, and subsequent acts…

Bastar Journalist Kamal Shukla booked on Sedition charges Had shared cartoon about Judge Loya case on Social Media

On April 29, Chhattisgarh Police have booked senior journalist and activist Kamal Shukla on sedition charges under Section 124 (A) of the Indian Penal Code. The matter pertains to a cartoon about the Judge Loya case, criticizing the government and judiciary that Shukla shared from his Facebook wall few days ago. However, his lawyer Isha Khandelwal from Jagdalpur…

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