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Spaces of Higher Education are the New Battlegrounds of Inequality: Abhay Xaxa Everyday struggles of Adivasis and their limited representation in Social Media

Adivasis or India’s indigenous people have faced centuries of oppression and exploitation. Today they fight a battle on many fronts. The first against a powerful nexus of industrialists, bureaucrats and the police who have made successive attempts made to usurp their forests, land and water resources. The second in institutes of higher learning against systemic exclusion…

Equality and a Level Playing Field

Equality and a Level Playing Field Face the facts Heated reactions and debates on reservations for Muslims, conjuring up images of communal polarisation and Partition, deliberately ignore the fact that secular India has not given Muslims a fair deal BY Teesta Setalvad Reservations, and that too for Muslims? This could well be the stated or…

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