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Facebook refuses to act on CJP’s complaints against Ragini Tiwari The company responded saying they are not in a position to take any action

Facebook Inc has responded to two complaints sent by Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) against hateful and inciteful speech made by Ragini Tiwari, stating that they are not in a position to take any action against Tiwari. Instead, Facebook suggested that CJP contact the party directly to get a resolution on the issue. CJP…

Another Victory for CJP

CJP in action: Files a complaint with Facebook against Ragini Tiwari Serial hate offender Ragini Tiwari spread hate against farmers

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) has approached Facebook India with a complaint against Ragini Tiwari for her hateful video against the farmer protests. The CJP complaint dated December 24, 2020 to Facebook brings to their notice, the threatening video of Ragini Tiwari spreading hate against the farmers agitating against the three central legislations. CJP is…

Ragni Tiwari incites violence: CJP files complaint against hate We demand prosecution of Ragni Tiwari for hate speech against minorities

Amidst the Delhi riots 2020, CJP came across the (now deleted) profile of Ragni Tiwari, which was being misused to spread hate and was full of provocative content.Ragni Tiwari, who calls herself a ‘dharmyodhya’ is a member of Rashtriya Azad Manch. Her Facebook profile contained incendiary videos and rants against minorities. On February 23, 2020,…

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