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Police Raid

EXCLUSIVE: How Pune Police violated the Law on Seizure and Raid PART-2: Analysis of procedural lapses during nationwide raids on activists on August 28, 2018

In law, the Search warrant, and raid, is an extreme step warranted only and if only when non-cooperation is seen or observed and the correct and proper course of action would have been for the agencies to search. To search and raid a premise is to humiliate and ostracise the victim and that is what…

Dalit Activist

Raiding the Resilient Police’s high-handedness in dealing with Dalit Activists and Lawyer

Recently police raided the homes of well-known human rights activists and even a lawyer on the pretext of gathering information about their alleged complicity in fomenting hate and violence in Bhima Koregaon. Oddly enough the Maharashtra Chief Minister said the raids were conducted due to their ‘Maoist’ links. The fact that two parallel and equally…

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