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Personal Laws vis-à-vis Fundamental Rights, Part III of the Constitution Analysing State of Bombay v. Narasu Appa Mali, 1951

In India, personal laws deal with marriage and divorce, maintenance, guardianship and succession, joint family and partition etc. These are broadly be characterised as ‘family laws’. While India is a secular country otherwise; in the context of its personal laws, it is essentially pluralistic. Thus, while the Indian Constitution guarantees equality before the law, and…

What India Needs is More Gender Just Laws, Including Personal Laws, for Its Women

Leveraging Our Laws: A Comparative Account and Conscious Effort to Strengthen Various Personal Laws in India India – a kaleidoscope of cultures, has always been immensely diverse in thought as well as in action. People of different religions reside in India in harmony as also in disharmony. Some are the original inhabitants such as the…

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