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Mushirul Hasan

Dignity through History: Acclaimed Historian Mushirul Hasan passes away Hasan chronicled Partition stories, and changed the way Islam has been viewed

On Monday, December 10, 2018, we lost the man who changed how society looked at Indian Muslims. Eminent historian, intellectual and academic Mushirul Hasan, passed away in the wee hours of December 10, a day also marked as international Human Rights Day. This is a loss of mammoth proportions for intelligentsia, especially looking to reconstruct…

Interview with Mushirul Hasan

Interview  Quotes: “Out of the 135 signatures in my support, there were many Muslims who signed; some of them were devout Muslims. And those were difficult times, when even those members of the faculty who supported me received intimidating threats.” .”In an exclusive interview to Combat, he spoke on the failure of the central government…

Freedom To Dissent

  JUNE, 1994 FREEDOM TO DISSENT COVER STORY In any secular democracy, the right to equality, the freedom to practice one’s faith and the right to life with dignity go hand in hand with the freedom of expression which includes the right to dissent. If minority rights are inconceivable except in a democracy, democracy itself…

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