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Cow Protection

Meat politics vs. jurisprudence in India Who decides what goes on your plate?

The choice of what food we eat or do not eat, is both dictated by cultural choice and economics. Regimes, especially authoritarian ones impose restrictions on this choice. Here we explore who decides what people eat in which Indian state, and how meat is politicised to impose “upper” caste culture upon the “lower” castes. Also,…

Interview with Nusarrat Jahan

http://www.mid-day.com/epaper/index.htm September 17, 2009 ‘I think Modi hates Muslims’ Nusarrat Jahan knows it’s going to be a long and lonely battle ahead in the fight to punish her sister Ishrat’s killers. She tells MiD DAY she’s ready to move heaven and earth By: Daipayan Halder Now that a metropolitan court at Ahmedabad has ruled Ishrat was killed in a staged encounter, do…

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