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Revealed! An ancient migration route that may vanish soon Tracking the path taken by Van Gujjar nomads

In this interview, 40-year-old Shamshad, a Van Gujjar, reveals the unique seasonal migration of the community. Shamshad hails from Kumau Chaurd, Gohri Range, Pauri Garhwal, and undertakes the seasonal migration to the river plains of Ganga Naur near Muzaffarnagar and then onto the grasslands on the Bijnor border. He leads his herd of 15 Cows,…

पराली ख़रीद कर वायु प्रदूषण से लड़ रहें है वन गुज्जर उत्तराखण्ड राज्य में पराली जलाई नहीं जाती, बल्कि उचित मूल्य में खरीद लेते हैं वन गुज्जर समुदाय

यह रिपोर्ट CJP के ग्रासरूट फ़ेलोशिप प्रोग्राम का हिस्सा है, और वन गुज्जर समुदाय के युवा नेता अमीर हमज़ा ने इस रिपोर्ट को तैयार किया है। वन गुज्जर एक घुमन्तु समुदाय है, जो पशुपालन कर के अपना जीवन व्यापन करता है। इस लेख में अमीर हमज़ा ने इस बात पर प्रकाश डाला है कि, किस…

Van Gujjars emerge as Air Pollution Warriors Buy stubble from Uttarakhand farmers so it doesn’t need to be burnt

The work of conservation and preservation of forests has been going on for centuries. For the last few years, the Van Gujjar community has played a symbiotic role in increasing the income of the farmers and preventing air pollution. Earlier, farmers polluted the air by burning stubble, while livestock rearing communities had to gather stubble…

Meet Ameer Hamza, a CJP fellow CJP 's grassroots fellowships are meant to enable young men and women document the world around them

CJP’s fellowships are meant to bring into focus young men and women from the communities we work with. Ameer Hamza, a young van Gujjar leader is now a CJP fellow. Watch him introduce himself and his community CJP Grassroots Fellowship: Meet Ripon Sheikh who documents rural Bengal

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